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Nov 15, 2009 10:00am EST
was somehow like iraq and followed iraq and was simpler than it is. >> i agree. america the past two months debated afghanistan. >> took on the complications of it. >> yes, absorbed, which is to his benefit, which is to obama's benefit. >> it's not a popular war. chris: you made that clear in your column this week. back to health care, we asked two questions, first we asked whether health care indeed will be signed this year. we have asked the same question four times since the spring of this year. it's always been unanimous that it would happen this year. this is staggering. now seven say no, it will not happen this year, five say will. we also asked the meter will delays over afghanistan and health care hurt president obama's image long material and effect how people say long term. seven say it won't. it's close, five say, yes, it's going to hurt him. you're with the five. this decision-making in public, this leaking of points of view is hurting him? >> yeah. chris: in the long term? >> it makes him look like he doesn't have resolve. he wasn't clear on it. he sounded clear on it during th
Nov 1, 2009 10:00am EST
. we learn america must go to war with clearly defined goals which is why i've ordered a review of our policy in afghanistan. chris: the president has said he does not want to commit to a long slog that takes us nowhere like in vietnam. unless he thinks we can turn things around in afghanistan, does he think we can? >> he's being asked aot of questions. and he is asking a lot of questions. and he's hearing three different points of view. he's heard from the military that the current strategy is unattainable without a large introduction of troops and being told by some people that this is never winnable. that you are never going to have an afghanistan which is stable, that is a democratic country. and then there are those who are saying actually we have no choigs. we have to win this. that the country as it stands represents such a threat to american national security that we have no choice but to win this war and that's what president obama said back in march. but there are real questions being asked i think about whether even with a big injection of troops this is a real country, a re
Nov 22, 2009 10:00am EST
and the world that the america was never without a president. remember that day? remember how johnson left dallas carrying the body of john f. kennedy back to the white house? remember that picture we see even now of his oath taking with jacquelyn kennedy dutifully at his side. johnson all alone acted to make those events take place just as we have shared them all of these years. he knew it had to be done. he knew what we had to see. we had see a strong picture of a country being led, even at that moment of horror, by the man john f. kennedy had personally selected at this moment. johnson knew the vital importance of it all, the original taking even though the constitution didn't require it, the presence of jackie and the absolute refusal to leave jack kennedy's body behind while he headed to take power in washington. we can never imagine even now the whole terrible transition occurring badly because one man, the new president knew it had to be done right and even in all of the horror, he did it just that way. when we come back, questions about the obama white house's sense of optics, jap
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)